venezuela travel brochure

april 24 2014 by braidy rollins and cole britt

This is Venezuela. it has beautiful beaches, tropical rain forests, and amazing site seeing places. you can see so many different thing.This is a big country in south america. This is a part of the carribean sea that also has very clear, beautiful waters. you should definately come visit venezuela!

venezuela attractions

This is one of Venezuela's many attractions the Angel Falls... Its it 979m high!! it is the worlds highest, uninterrupted waterfall!!

The clear waters of Venezuela are beautiful. the weather in Venezuela is also very nice and warm all the time. but some times rainy or/and humid

A Jewish church in Venezuela but (96% Cathelic) 2% Jewish. this is called a synagog.

President of Venezuela.

Our money in the great country of Venezuela.

there are many places to change money.


we might not have many new cars but the cars we have are good up and running you can also travel by train or by very nice city metro. these cars are 10 times better than any new car you can possibly drive in any were else.

this is a hotel in Venezuela. this might help you with your visit. if you would like to learn more about these hotels ,the ratings , and what they cost go to the website below

our food ranges from food carts on the street to fancy restraunts that have venezualan delights

This is a beach off the coast of Venezuela. one of the many places you can swim in our country. Amazing crystal clear waters also nice vacation spot.

one of our many historical sites in Venezuala. This old church should be an eye popper to you and your whole family.

Our biggest store Daka a electronics store has any electronic for any price necessary for your good stay.

visit for travel tips for the latest shopping and hottel inforrmation.

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