Tim McCune


Family is one of my earliest influences on socialization. My Dad showed me a ton of movies which effected me a lot. My parents also taught me about respect and manners. Without those thing I'd probably be a social delinquent. Manners are important because they make you seem sophisticated and nice. Socially, my parents helped me the most.


School has been one of the biggest factors in my socialization. School has taught me punctuality, responsibility and how to deal with others I'm not very fond of. In school I'm responsible for my work and my behavior. Being on time to class is very important and it's disrespectful if you aren't there on time. The fact that school has taught me to be nice to others that I don't particularly like is probably the most important. It makes you more mature overall.


My friends are a HUGE part of my socialization process. Without my friends, I wouldn't be who I am today at all. My friends have impacted me in many ways; the music I listen to, the shows I watch and the things I do. They taught me who to be myself and have fun. This video relates to me and my friends because we have rebellious and comedic tendencies. That 70's show almost entirely represents how me and my friends interact among each other.

Childhood TV Shows

Childhood TV shows have effected me greatly in my life. At a young age they taught me how to interact with my peers with concepts like sharing and the golden rule. They also taught me the basics of social interaction by being friendly and open minded. I watched T.V. almost every day as a child, it was a big part of my life. Without it, I would probably be a lot different.

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