1984, Vangorp, Dillon Holtzlander

My questions are

1)Could the U.S. ever fall into totalitarianism?

2)What would it be like?

3)How would the surrounding countries react?

No, the U.S. I don't think could ever fall into Totalitarianism. I think this simply because we are headstrong. We wont give up, we will always fight and we will never accept a lose. We don't like people making us eat healthier, so why would we let someone control everything? Oh wait we wouldn't because this is AMERICA.

If the U.S. did sadly fall into Totalitarianism it would be depressing. No one would have any emotions, here would be no drive to make the next great thing, no love. All boring and gloomy and gray. Just living your life in a root. Doing the same things because you can't go out and express your feelings. You couldn't find someone you love. You couldnt have the joy of having a family. You would just eat, work, sleep, shower. Every day.

I think our two surrounding countries would react in a shocking manner. Canada probably wouldn't last long if they were attacked and Mexico would be next. Besides that though no country would react because we in America will never be taken over simply because...(scroll down)

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