Mr. Jones


My passion is baseball. I am an amazing pitcher, and batter. I have been playing baseball since I was five. My grandfather has taught me almost everything I know. I now play for one of the best travel baseball teams in Richmond a.k.a. the Richmond Braves (whose coach is Randy Tomlin, who was a MLB pitcher for the Pirates '90-'94). I am one of the very few kids that have gotten a no-hitter while pitching. During the spring I play at Tuckahoe Little League. I am one of the best 12 year olds at Tuckahoe now. My hope is to be in the Little League World Series this year. Another goal of mine this year is to make Byrd's baseball team. I believe that I have a very good chance of making the team as a 6th grader. If I could make the team I would be very happy.

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