Final Solution

The life of a Jew in a Concentration Camp

•From the  Jews point of view inside of the camps this is all the saw every day.

•Every morning at 4 am they wake up form the sound of a kapo then form there they had to make their beds and run to the the sanitary facility and then eat and go to work then go to bed and repeat every day.

•This is was the last thing the Jews saw before they went into the camps for the rest of the war or until they were killed inside of the camp.

•This video show what the conditions were inside of the camps and what the people saw and went through everyday of there life inside of the camps

•This video also shows how the nazi never burned the Jews them selfs and how they made the Jews burn there friends and other Jews them selfs so they never had any action in what happen to the Jews who burning

The Holocaust (conditions of the Concentration Camps)." YouTube. YouTube, 12 June 2012. Web. 12 Dec. 2014. <>.

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