Greek Mythology


What is Mythology?

Myths are stories,poems,and tales that are about a character who might meet a god or god or who challenges a god.

It has a moral or lesson, and normally bad luck happens to the main character.'


Poseidon is the god of the sea. He was not jealous of his other siblings power. He loved his power. He did not want Zeus powers and job because Zeus had a very busy job. Plus God of the sea fitted him. He could also summon earthquakes, and make Islands magically appear. He also liked horses, And he could make all of those things appear with a wave of his hand.


The Hydra was a mythical creature found in a myth when herecules fights the Hydra and uses it's poisonous blood to defeat his enemies.

The Hydra has nine heads and every time you chop one off Two or three more heads pop out of the head that is chopped off. The Hydra's blood is poisonous and one touch you die.


While Heracles was visiting a city a Wise man named of Chiron from the centaurs and Heracles got into a fight. Heracles had a bow and arrow, and that one arrow had the Hydra's blood on the tip. Heracles shot Chiron with the arrow and poisoned Chiron to death. When Heracles came home his wife Deianeria  gives Heracles with the Hydra's blood. Without knowing about the blood, he puts the shirt on. His skin then burns and kills him. He then goes up to the gods on Mt. Olympus.

Modern day connections

The Hydra is connected to three things that I know of now.

It is connected to our modern day snakes. Some

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