Henrico County

Mason Calhoun

Henrico County is 245 sq. miles (634.5 km ²)

Henrico County was founded in 1634

There are 314.932 people living in Henrico County.

Henrico county is suburban and rural.
We have great education in Henrico County.

Middle schools have IP programs and high schools have specialty centers.

There are many types of jobs in Henrico, VA.

The western part of Henrico has many computer related jobs and business. Also there are many retail and construction jobs in Henrico. There are a lot of farms in the eastern part of Henrico County. Therefore Henrico County has a large diversity of jobs.

Henrico County's legislative branch has an elected board called the Board of Supervisors which is the policy-making body. The executive branch is county manager.
He goes to meetings and talks about the county. The circuit courts and the district courts work together for the judicial branch.

County Departments

Henrico County department of health-
-provides flu shots.
- provides immunizations
- educate public on health issues

Henrico County Department of Social
- Offer services for children , people with a physical disability
- Sensory impairment , older people
- People with a learning disability
-People with a mental health problems

Department of Education -
-Dealing with things about education
- Students will learn about technology
- Students will graduate life skills

Henrico county libraries a good service because
-It is free
-You can get books
-You can use the internet

Police officers provided services to citizens
-Keeping them safe.
-Arresting criminals
-Stopping crime

Fun Facts
-Henrico County was founded in 1634
-It was names after the eldest son of King James I of England.

Henricus Park is a famous attraction. it is the first settlement in Henrico.

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