All about Prescription Drugs

Drug Misuse

Drug misuse is the misusing of drug. This can happen by taking a friends medication, not reading directions right and a lot more. Misuse leads to abuse. If you misuse a drug you should contact a local Pharmacist first then poison control if needed. Go to for more help and information.

Don't Misuse

Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse is the purpose abuse of drugs. This is something that can ruin lives. Lots of people go to the doctor and fake pains for certain pills. This can lead to overdose and death. If you are addicted or need help go to


Withdrawal is the symptoms you get when you quit a drug and other things. You will become very weak, sick, and make you want to do the drug even more. Withdrawal is hard. So if you need help contact


Addiction is were you are stuck on a drug and cant stop. its mostly in your head but it starts slow and leads to bigger things.(jail, rehab and even prison) If you need help with addiction contact

Physical Dependency

Physical dependency is when your body needs drug or your body will slowly get weaker and break down. This usaully is caused by addiction and is hard to get over. Get help for getting over this.

Psychological Dependency

Psychological Dependency is were your brain thinks you need the drug. All you think about is the drug. You think you will need it but your brain is just use to drugs.

By: Brayden Coler & Todd Dobbins

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