Make An Inference

I predict that this story is going be about a women and a baby having no place to stay than walking in the snow, hoping to find one place to stay.

"A colored woman and a child found frozen to death on Hall Street. No one seem to know where the woman was going or why. No one but Grady." ( 260) I now think the book is going be about Grady was being mean by not letting the woman and her child in the bus and soon Grady going learn a lesson from someone for doing that.

" The same woman he'd seen the previous year. Death hasn't altered her desperation." (261) I think this happens to him because of being a mean to the woman and the child, maybe is because the woman wanted a pay back from Grady.

" Ray Hammond, a war hero with two years of college, became the first black driver Metro hired." (263) I predict that Ray is going to become the bus driver and saw the woman in the snow and her child. I think that he's going help the woman.

" Every first snowfall passengers and drivers testified that they'd seen the ghost..." "Good luck eith Eula Mae tonight..."(263)  I think that after the one other bus driver tell Ray about that, he might wanted to see what she looks like and helped her beacuse he's a war hero, he might not be scared of ghost.

" He though he saw Eula Mae Daniels smile as she vanished into the swirling snow, never to be seen again." (266) I think that the woman and the snow smile because she finally have a ride even she's just a ghost, she's happy or maybe she's happy because she finally see a good person that do right things.

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2 years ago

Good job! Now find a few more quotes and make inferences as we read the last part of the story.