Clara Barton

By:Karina Kosheleva Alexondrovna


Have you ever heard of Clara Barton?The pearson that founded the American Red Cross?The soldier that helped in the Civil War?If not, than this is the book for you!Learn about her life, and her hobies.What she did to change history,and more!

The Childhood of Clara Barton

Clara Barton was born on December 25th 1821 in Oxford,Massachusetts.She was the youngest of the 5 Barton chidren.Clara was homeschooled, because most schools were not free.Her brother , David taght her to ride horses.One day David was fixing the barn roof, and he fell down and hurt himself.The doctors said he'll die,but Clara Barton was determened ,and healed him.Then she decided she wanted to help other people like she did to her brother.She decided to become a teacher.

Growing Up

Clara Barton star ted teaching at age 17.She taught at a school in New Jeresy. She aggreed to teach for free,so people would not have to play for thier children to go to school.This was the first free school in New Jeresy.She taught many classes.The kids liked her, and she played football with the kids.One day Clara Barton woke up ,and found that she coudn't speak,she could only whisper.

The Civil War

Clara Barton heard about the Civil War,and she wanted to help the soldiers.She went to Washington D.C., and asked for a job as a nurse.The people at WasingtonD.C. said yes.Clara Barton could now wander freely among the battlefied.One day Clara Barton was rescuing soldiers,whn enemies were coming near her.She made a quick escape by riding away on a horse.Good thing her brother taught her to ride horses!She also rescued missing soldiers.She found about 20,000 missing soldiers.Soldiers called her "the angel of the battlefield".

American Red Cross

Clara Barton worked hard ,and dedcided to take a break ,and go to Switzerland .She met a doctor at Switzerland,and learned of a prorgam called the Red Cross.Clara Barton went back to the U.S.A.,and tried to purswade the americans to make the foundation.It took many years until The American Red Cross was made.Clara Barton went to Merryland were she died in 1912.


So ,now you have learned about Clara Barton.You now have acssess to the information about Clara Barton.I hope this book taught you more about Clara Barton.

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