1956    Sudan gains independence from joint British-Egyptian rule.

First Civil War

1962  Civil war led by the southern seperatist Anya Nya movement begins with north.

1969  Group of socialist and communist Sudanese military officers led by Col Jaafar Muhammad Numeiri seizes power; Col Numeiri outlines policy of autonomy for south.

1972  Government of Sudanese President Jaafar Numeiri concedes a measure of autonomy for southern Sudan in a peace agreement signed in Addis Ababa.

Second Civil War

1983  Fighting breaks out again between north and south Sudan, under leadership of John Garang's Sudanese People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), after Sudanese President Jaafar Numeiri abolishes South Sudan's autonomy.

1989  Military seizes power in Sudan

North-South peace deal

2005  North/South comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) ends civil war.peace agreement caters to autonomy, power sharing government ,permanent ceasefire and independence within 6 years

2005  Power sharing government established in Khartoum

2006 Sudanese forces and former rebels kill hundreds when a fight breaks out over the peace deal in 2005

2007 National unity government participation suspended for railing to honor the 2005 peace agreement

2008  Fight between Northern and Southerner forces Abyei the oil rich city, seek international arbitration to resolve problmes

2008  Tension rises as Sudan's people liberation movement and Arab military clash over disputed Abyei on the North-South divide.

2009  Ethic groups in the South are denied arms by the government to destabilize the region

2009  Leaders of South and North agree that the South will have independence by 2011

2010  People of South Sudan voted in favor of full Independence

2011  Fight between security forces and rebels in Southern Sudan, government of South Sudan refusing talk with the North, the North now occupies control of border region of Abyei .

2011  Independence for South Sudan.

2011 Ethnic clash in capital and 600 are left dead,100,000 citizens flee clashes between rival ethnic groups and war over bored control continues.

2012  Sudan pledges to pull out troops from the border region of Abyei.

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