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For the week of May 1, 2015


Strange as it sounds, great leaders gain authority by giving it away.”

– James B. Stockdale

We are continuing to work to clarify the system- not just doing the same things because we have always done them utilizing program evaluations for improvements such as GT, ESL, SpEd.

Enrollment process and CBE’s

  • Problem is the timeline- enrollment happens after the deadline for CBEs
  • Brad and Marilyn have come up with the following solution
  • There will be one or two dates for summer enrollment at the admin building with the people who need to be here to enroll the learners
  • This will allow students to enroll so they can take the CBEs
  • Helps enrollment process at campuses

Schoology and Blackboard:

  • Nancy put together a committee- they looked at 3 companies
  • They agreed on Schoology
  • Board approved this contract last night
  • We will begin training educators in May so they are up to speed in August
  • Everything will be moved from blackboard to Schoology
  • It interfaces with Pentamation- updates overnight
  • Works well with Google apps and iTunesU
  • Is K-12

Educator iPads

  • K-3 Educators will be receiving iPads this spring
  • Nancy will send out the timeline and process

You heard Dr. Waldrip talk about UbD

  • UbD will be the basis for all lesson design, PBL, 3E, STEM etc. will not be going away.
  • A survey will be sent to the principals so we know where to start with our professional learning modules
  • We are designing a process to bridge the use of UbD.


  • We will be looking closely at travel requests including purpose and campus impact

Newcomer Plan-

  • Due to the changing demographics of our district, the purpose for the Newcomer program needs have changed.
  • Newcomers will stay at their home campus beginning in 2015-2016 school year
  • ESL facilitators will be trained to bridge from the current process to the new
  • Current Newcomer learners will have the choice of staying at their current campus or going to their home campus
  • Penny will provide more information soon

Social Studies/CTE: Jon-Eric Ziaer


Social Studies

The learners from the Youth and Government group that represented the Coppell Middle School campuses and received recognition at the State competition in Austin will be honored along with the their sponsors at the May Board meeting.

The Social Studies Instructional Materials committee has concluded the pilot phase and we are now finalizing details for our recommendations for the Board and Dr. Waldrip in May.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

KCBY, Sidekick and Round-Up at Coppell High School have received numerous awards throughout the school year. Among these, 2015 Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC) Award of Distinguished Merit for Yearbook, Sidekick and KCBY along with numerous individual honors for learners.

“Today is our one chance to make tomorrow as good as it can possibly be!”

Mathematics: Mary Kemper

If you have not already done so, please send names/grade levels/courses of math educators you feel would provide positive contributions to curriculum work this summer. As this year comes to a close, we will reflect on our first year of Revised (2012) TEKS implementation and prepare for the first year of new TEKS in our high school courses. Educator input is invaluable to this process.

The final math coach meeting of the school year will be Thursday, May 7 at 1:00 pm at Admin.

The final elementary math content specialist meeting of the school year will be on Thursday, May 14 at 3:30 pm at Lee Elementary.

The final secondary math department chair meeting of the school year will be on Thursday, May 21 at 4:00 pm Victory Place.

Assessment: Debbie Youngs


Just a reminder that the Raw Score Conversion charts with the STAAR passing standards are posted on the website. For now, the math standards are not listed. I will update it when the state determines the revised math standards.


Just a reminder that the AIP Process info is on the website under AIP.


4/27-5/22: MAP EOY Window

Grades K-8 Reading and Math

Grades 3-8 Science

5/4-5/8: STAAR EOC Algebra I, Biology, and US History

5/4-5/15: AP Exams

Weekly Smile

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