Gamification, E-Notebooks, & Minecraft

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Proposal Point #1 - GAMIFICATION: I will gamify my classroom. When introducing new concepts, I will present them as challenges or quests. Working individually at times and often in groups, students will solve the problems using online resources and digital tools to present their findings. Collaboratively, they will use Google Apps to interact with one another, creating joint projects--this allows them to work at school as well as at home. (I've already started using ClassCraft to create adventure groups.)

Floating Airship

Proposal Point #2 - DIGITAL NOTEBOOKS: My students will create digital notebooks. While there’s value in using notebooks to record math and science notes, most students are unwilling to refer to them for assistance. They’re simply uninteresting and many fifth graders can’t see their usefulness. Using a webpage creator, such as Wix, groups of students can transform their notes into digital notes, which will include videos that they create, solving and explaining the skill. (We've already created Fraction Concepts and Earth Science wixpages.)

Amusement Park

Proposal Point #3 - MINECRAFT: I want to incorporate Minecraft into my instruction. (Using MinecraftEdu, I'm able to control the worlds and options. I'm using the game as a tool or manipulative--the students will have specific tasks and assignments.)

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