Richard M. Nixon

By: Stella Olander

Richard M. Nixon

37th President.


Vice Presidents: Spiro Agnew & Gerald Ford.

Served five years as President.

President before him: Lyndon B. Johnson.

President after him: Gerald R. Ford.

Nixon Before Presidency

Recieved a full scholarship to Duke University Law School.

Served as an aviation grond officer in the Navy.

Nixon During Presidency

Nixon's first Vice President was forced to resign over a scandal when he was Maryland Governor.

Won the Presidential election over Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern.

Appointed four new justices into the supreme court, including Chief Justice Warren Burger.

Broke into the Watergate Hotel and robbed the democratic party commitee office to find out more information about his opponent.

Watergate Hotel

Nixon is currently the only President to resign, due to his embarrassment.

Nixon's Death

Died due to Cerebal Edema Stroke.

Died April 22nd 1994, New York, New York.

Aged at 81 years old.