My Everyday Routine

My alarm goes off at six in the morning, but I usually turn it off and go back to sleep for another fifteen minutes. So I get out of bed at around six twenty and take a shower, after my shower I blow dry my hair and that takes me about ten minutes. I then wake up my six year old little sister so she can get ready for school, while she gets ready I straighten my hair and once I'm done with my hair, I do my little sisters hair and when she's ready to go, I drive her to her school. We live about three minutes from her school which is, Sam Houston Elementary, so it doesn't take long for me to take her. After I take her to school, I wake up my brother and I finish getting ready. We leave the house around 8:10 and I take him to his school which is the Junior High. I have rotations first period so it depends on what day it is, if its Monday or Friday i report to class but if it's a Wednesday through Thursday I usually go to the location I am assigned to. After rotations I go back to school and report to my next classes of the day.

After school I pick up my little brother from the Junior High and we go home. Once i get home I chill for about a hour, I still don't have a job so I just help around the house. We have different chores, I either have to wash dishes or clean the living room and the dining room. After I finish doing my chores I help my mom make dinner. When we're done we all sit down and eat dinner together. After dinner I usually just sit down and check my Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat and if there's nothing good I read a book. After I get tired of being on my iPad, I workout for about a hour or so. Once I'm done working out, I take a shower and I'm ready to go to bed.

On the weekend I usually sleep in, but when I do wake up I do my chores. My chores take up most of my mornings, so when I'm done I just like to relax. If I have anything planned I get ready and do whatever i need to do. On Sunday, I usually go to church and after church my family and I go out to eat. That is the gist of my weekly routine.

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