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Giving birth is not just about bringing a new life into this world. With a baby, a parent is also born and so are a series of responsibilities. One of the biggest responsibilities that you have towards is, your baby is to ensure that he or she is able to have a healthy life. A healthy start would ensure a healthy life later and for that, it is very important to ensure that your baby has the best care during the pregnancy and after birth as well. Oakland midwifery is an excellent choice of service if you are unsure about how to approach the birth of your baby. Midwives have been present even before there were hospitals and the amount of personal care and attention that can be given by them is unparalleled to anything else. The entire profession hinges on the care and the kind of service that they provide to mothers who are expecting to deliver their babies and the care for the newborn.

Although most people associate midwifery services in Oakland with only the care that is needed during labor, their services actually extend to a period before and after the delivery. Midwifery services include prenatal care that an expecting mother would require, post partum services for the baby and the mother and also education expecting mothers on health care and other topics. Ellah Ray is one of the most professional midwives in the Oakland region and you would benefit immensely from the kind of advice she would be able to give. This would include professional advice about Pap smears, pelvic exams and even the use of contraception if you are not planning a family as yet. Basically, you would advise about every aspect of your life as a woman and it would be a good idea to consult her from time to time so that you can plan your family in a better manner. It would be a better idea to consult with such a person for you women’s health issues.

Other services that are included and provided by homebirth midwife in Berkeley are childbirth education to an expecting mother, prenatal visits and complete availability throughout the pregnancy for any emergency consultation. You can discuss about the kind of food that would be appropriate, what nutrition a mother should take and what would be the appropriate exercises. Appointments for such consultations can be fixed at your home and you would not have to go to any hospital or clinic for a checkup. This is another advantage that you get when you choose Oakland homebirth midwife. In fact even when you or the mother enters into labor you would not have to rush to a hospital or call for an ambulance. The mother can stay right at home and deliver the baby in hygienic and familiar conditions. For this purpose a second licensed midwife can also be called in to assist and all the arrangements would be made by the midwife.

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Jill Philips is an expert midwife who also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping soon-to-be parents understand the practice and clear their doubts before they have their babies. She recommends EllahRay.com as the best name to trust for midwifery services in Oakland.

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