The Reef

By: Nora Roberts

The Reef was based on deep sea diving and the love story of Tate and Matthew. Tate is just starting college when her and Matthew meet. Tate is on her parents boat doing some leisurely diving, while Matthew is diving with his Uncle Buck, around the same spot only he is diving for money. Matthew and his Uncle Buck sell artifacts to make money. After months in tight corners Matthew and Tate fall in love. For Tate Matthew was her world and she would give everything to be with Matthew; including never going to college. Matthew would never wish that upon Tate, so he  tells her that she is nothing but a child and he doesn't want to be with her anymore. When Matthew tells her that it completely crushes Tate. Although Matthew said horrible things to Tate, he really does love her. He says these things so that she will go to college and have a life that he doesn't believe he could give her. Years down the road Tate's father calls up Matthew and Buck for one last go around at the beloved Angelique's necklace, The necklace was suppose to be cursed and who ever holds it will carry that curse for the rest of their life. After hard months of searching and competing with a rival diver for the necklace they can finally put it to rest. They destroy the necklace that Matthew's father died trying to obtain. With that chapter of Matthew's life closed he can finally be happy with himself and love Tate the way that she needed to be loved. Tate and Matthew live happily ever after.

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