in the K-12 setting

Different Apps to Use in the K-12 Environment

Documents Free

Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) is a free smart phone app that allows children to use Microsoft Office Word on their smart phones. This can be useful for the transfer of documents from computers to phones and can allow children to work on assignments from anywhere without a computer.


Twitter is an awesome app that will allow continuing communication between students, teachers, and parents. I think that it will help everyone stay informed about special events, homework assignments, and exams.


Blogs like Word Press can also be used in the K-12 environment, it will help to create discussions among students.

Khan Academy

This app for smart phones covers a massive amount of topics from K-12 math, science, and humanities. It has videos kids can watch as well as subtitles for the younger students.


BrainPOP is a smart phone app that has fun quizzes for kids and activities they can complete through fun games.


NAtureTap is another smart phone app that allows kids to discover and explore different kinds of animals throughout the world through fun games and activities.

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