My voyage for England!

I will prepare myself for what lies ahead.

It is the year 1502, Sir Henry VII is the  King of England. I will love to join England because, this particular land is popular to me with all of the countries explorers that have worked before me. But is fascinating because I think if I join you in finding land it will be a journey for me you and my crew. I will be pleased to be represented under your name. I chose Henry VII of England  because he was the first monarch in England. I feel he is more experienced and he has been choosing other explorers like me to battle for land, and opportunity to discover new land for his country. He has also been King of England for nearly 24 years so he must be highly capable of choosing the right person to discover land. I will also like to show my respects to you and your wife Queen Elizabeth of York. I am also asking for your consideration and your persistence in this on going expedition. Some of the main resources I will chose are valuable types of metals such as gold and copper and I could use these to trade for important supplies that my crew and I may need to survive brutal months on sea. They are extremely useful and could bring wealth. The land I will explore is the Southeast of America. The reason I picked this area because I think this land will be great for my crew and I to take as our own land. To handle any kinds of attack or trades I would arrange trading dates so then that way the other Europeans or Native people will see my crew friendly and in no way harmful to them. But if they are looking for battle or try to take over the great ship we will surely be ready for what ever the trow at us. Other European Explorers such as the Spanish and French  could be looking for the Northwest Passage which is the home of spices, silks, and, mineral wealth, but if you chose me to take his huge responsibility I promise that will in light you with the beautiful land, and more wealth than you could imagine. If you pick me I will do what ever I can to find land for you and your queen. Thank you for your time.

       Samiyah Banks    

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