Brighton Beach Memoirs
By: Kaylah Rodriguez

Th Great Depression was a ten year economic downturn that began in 1929. This caused consumer spending and investment in the United States to drop significantly.  By 1933, about 15,000,000 Americans had either ran out of business or became unemployed. Since this occurred, it was known as one of the darkest economic times.

College In the 1930's

There has been a significant increase in expenses for college in the 1930's compared to now. In my opinion, I think Penn University would be a good choice for Eugene. Even though in their time the books and board would be expensive to them, they were at a reasonable price. Room and board back then was $520, textbooks were $45 each, and tuition was $400. The mascot was a Quaker.

Other Expenses

Back then, you could buy a weeks worth of groceries with about four dollars. Compared to now, prices for groceries and other goods were at an all time low. You could buy about 15 oranges for 25 cents. Bacon used to cost 15 cents a pound which compared to know is almost a 4 dollar difference. However the thing that has increased the most would be gas, which currently is practically 5 dollars a gallon, was 10 cents per gallon back then.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim,

       I am writing this letter due to my lack of respect towards you on the account of the dirt incident a few days ago. Boss, I am extremely overwhelmed with guilt considering the fact that i may have upset you. It would be of great pleasure if you could give me a second chance at my job. This job really does mean a lot to me, and i would do anything to keep it.

      If you do end up deciding to give me my job which would mean the world to me, I would be more than happy to put in more hours or simply help around more often than i usually did. I cannot describe how crucial this job is to me. You've always known that I'm a hard worker and that i take care of everything you ask. I am responsible. Please don't take this little slip up as a sign of rebellion. I was only following my principles; what i believed was right. However i didn't think it would cost me my job. Please take my apology in consideration. Thank you for your time and i wish you well.


                          Stanley Jerome

Broadway Show

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is a broadway show based on the inevitability of growing up. Tickets can range from $72-$147 dollars depending where you sit.

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