Making Of Supermamika

by Catalin Obreja, UK


Once I saw the actual photos of the real life Super Mamika I knew I had to make a 3d version; the randomness and quirkiness as well as the expressive face fascinated me.

These shots helped me on the modelling stage a great deal, and served as the basis for the expression.

Rather than making a perfect 3d model I focused more on the expression of the face and the posture. I used some references from the web for skin and wrinkles, as the actual Super mamika shots were really low res.


The modelling was done entirely in ZBrush, not worrying about anything else, as I knew I was going retopologize and make UV-s later on. The final purpose of the model was to create a low poly version for games, to showcase my knowledge in that area.

If you want you can see a short clip I made using Xoliul Shader in 3DS max with the final 5k poly model.

The clothing was done using masks on the model and extraction. The cape was done using just a simple plane.


Most of the work was involved around the facial detail, especially the wrinkles, respecting certain guidelines for creases. I did in fact cheat a bit by using masks from real photo references.

Masking by hue/intensity/saturation + brushes gets you quick details that you can keep or work on afterwards. It's a great way to get good results from textures rather than using alpha masks that are restricted by size.


Applying some textures by projection after you build the initial model can help you visualize the details you want to keep and how they would look, and doesn't get into over-detailing your model, and lose a lot of time.

After the detail sculpting I textured the model mostly by projection from Photoshop, but most of the depth comes from the details.

Going through tutorials made by Cesar Dacol Jr. helped me alot, and I would recommend him to everyone, especially the "Sculpting Wrinkles in ZBrush" tutorial.

The low poly map Projection was done using X-normal on the topology built in Topogun.


The scene was taken into 3ds max, and this particular image I decided to render it in Random Control Arion.

I did not use any SSS map, just a subsurface modifier from the renderer. The passes were actual different renders but with different light settings (around 15 min/ render on I7+gtx480), plus ambient occlusion, Fresnel and roughness.

I love Arion and Fryrender as they give you a good idea of what you`re doing really fast, changing light intensity& color, gamma mapping on the fly on a high res image, as long as you`re willing to wait on long render times for the final shot.


The extras from composting involved adding more detail in the eyes, making eyelashes (the alpha mapped ones from the low poly model did not look too great ), using dodge burn on some contours and adding some filters and correcting some edges

I also made another render using v-ray, and a small SSS skin showcases video you can watch here:

Final Render (last image on this page) I did in Arion. If you would like to check out my other works in 3D and 2D please visit my website.

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