My TED Talk

January 22, 2011, at my "Purpose Party" birthday celebration, in Beverly Hills, I told my guest this true story - "I live in a nation saturated with words and images, and one of my biggest challenges is protecting my mind, body and spirit

from subliminal negative messages. I realized that turning off the television didn't completely stop the negative messages, but when I walked the community with a purpose, the positive energy drove the negative messages away.

From a young age, I have been interested in positive words and images, teaching myself how to communicate effectively by studying the huge dictionary in my grandparents den. I employed this experience to invent a system

of words trademarked 'Acronetics' and 'Neuroacronetics' that turns on the 'mind's [light]' in other words 'logical input generating higher thoughts' - thereby tapping into what I coined [DNA] > Dynamic Neurological Activation.

I combined 'Acronetics' and 'Neuroacronetics' into a dynamic natural system coined [WIDTH] > Word Image Design Through Habits and the negative messages stopped attacking my mind. I'm taking a "leap of faith" and making a 100 mile solo

walk from Beverly Hills to Ojai for personal growth that I hope to share
my story with a broader audience at a TED conference."
Well, with the Grace of God, I completed that 100 mile mission,
wrote a book of poetry from my journal titled:

THE AMERICAN POET 'Walk With The Stars'; and, today -
I'm writing PROFILES IN FAITH and preparing a TED talk.

Ronnie C. Wright, Acroneticist