Paul Rabil

By: Gabe Gonzales

Who is Paul Rabil?

Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil is the best lacrosse play in the world. Paul Rabil was born in Elkton, MD on December 14, 1985. Rabil started to play lacrosse when he was 12 years old. At first, his love for lacrosse was behind his love for basketball, swimming, and music. Until he went to DeMatha Catholic High School , to play with some of the most skilled players in the state. After winning the state title, he went to play lacrosse at the greastest lacrosse school in the world John Hopkins.


What position and style does Paul Rabil play?

Rabil play Midfield. He has the perfect size, speed and strength to play midfield. He plays with a style no other player can match. He has the speed to outrun or out dodge any defender also the strength to just plain run them over. He has the reflex's to make  any defender or goalie look like there asleep on the field and the the uncanny ability to make the perfect pass or shot.(Vlahos)

How good was Rabil his first years in pro lacrosse?

He quickly became the best player in lacrosse, in the MLL and the NLL. In the 2009 season the Mll named him it's most valuable player. The next year , he even  got better. He powered the Stealth a NLL title.Then in the 2010 world championship, he led team USA to the gold, with the MVP honors . Rabil has the lacrosse equivalent of the Triple Crown.(Vlahos)

How did play Rabil become the face of lacrosse?

Paul Rabil is the LeBron James of lacrosse. He is on the front page of all the lacrosse magazines . He has every sponsor you can think of (Under Armour, Warrior and           Red Bull.) And most of all, his skill and drive to win.(Vlahos)

Paul Rabil achievement.

  • Record  holder for the most goals in the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament
  • Two time MLL MVP
  • Three time NLL MVP      
  • NLL champion
  • NCAA championship winner
  • Two time all American
  • first middy to win MVP

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