Gabriella Carden

English Philanthropist Gabriella Carden

About Gabriella Carden

Gabriella Carden is an avid reader and a student of the Birkbeck College English program in London, England. She has experience working as an assistant for Marks and Spencer in Leeds, where she was responsible for stacking shelves, restocking food, monitoring produce for freshness, and assisting customers with queries. A staunch believer in the concept of karma, she possesses extensive experience as a charitable contributor. In the past she has traveled to India as a member of a volunteer group that built a new school building. In addition to working as part of the volunteer team, Gabriella Carden also served as the village’s English teacher. She also participates in Cancer Research UK's Race for Life every year.

Outside of her charity work, Ms. Carden enjoys listening to music and traveling around the globe. She particularly enjoys listening to the music of Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys, a rock group based out of Sheffield, England; she also listens to popular American music.