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We're working to make media reform a bona fide political issue in America.

The Erotic Free Press is an aggregate blog compiled, edited and published by SGB Media Group's Stephen G. Barr, Group Publisher and reports on human sexuality, sex worker's rights, sexual censorship, legislation, the adult entertainment industry as well as sexual deviations, therapies and current societal sexual mores. Stephen is also the owner, publisher, producer & talent manager at Erotomania Productions & Management. The "Free Press" monicker is in line with the purpose statement found on which states:

Media play a huge role in our lives. TV, radio, the Internet, movies, books and newspapers inform and influence our ideas, opinions, values and beliefs. They shape our understanding of the world and give us the information we need to hold our leaders accountable. But our media system is failing.

This failure isn't natural. For far too long, corrupt media policy has been made behind closed doors in the public's name but without our informed consent. If we want better media, we need better media policies. If we want better policies, we must engage more people in policy debates and demand better media.

That's why Free Press was created. We're working to make media reform a bona fide political issue in America. Powerful telecommunications, cable and broadcasting companies have plenty of lobbyists to do their bidding. We're making sure the public has a seat at the table, and we're building a movement to make sure the media serve the public interest.

Free Press believes that media reform is crucial not just for creating better news and entertainment, but to advancing every issue you care about. A vibrant, diverse and independent media is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy.

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