Betsy Ross

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
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4. Born - January 1, 1752 Died- January 30, 1836


5. Owning a local upholsteter, children births, 3 marriages.


6. Betsy Ross was the eight child of seventeen children. She learned how to sew by her great aunt but lived a very strict childhood.

                                  Important People in her life

7.John Ross, Father, Joseph Ashburn, John Claypoole, Children


8. Best know for making the American Flag for George Washington, married three times,  died at the age of 84, made the American flag in June 1776, and she was the eighth child of 17.


9. Created the American Flag, Started a upholstery business, married three times after each deaths,  fourth generation american born in Philadelphia,


10. The theme of Betsy Ross life is how she made the American Flag and grew from experience.


11. " Sometime someone somewhere has to make the most beautiful thing of its kind in all the world." This taught me too always think of things positive and never negative.

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