Gaelic Football Lives in Columbus

Looking for a sport this summer? Come out and play Ireland's most popular game with Naghten Street Gaelic Football Club

Gaelic football is the greatest sport you've never heard of. Don't trust us- just watch the tape.

How does Gaelic Football work in Columbus?

Glad you asked. Naghten Street is just one of the well over 100 Gaelic football clubs across North America that play the sport. We compete against regional opponents (think Cleveland and Indianapolis) and host weekly practices and monthly Pub League matches (which pub team will take home the cup this year?).

Our top priority as a club is to introduce and teach the sport to new players (this is the part where you come in). It doesn't matter which sports you've played before or how many pints of Guinness you can down in an hour- if you're someone who loves competitive sports and having a good time, you'll find good company among the Columbus Gaelic football faithful.

Open Practice Every Wednesday 6:30pm @ Whetstone Park of Roses

Ready to give it a go? Have a question? Shoot us a line, we'll handle the rest.

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