GAF Timberline

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About GAF Timberline

Widely considered a respected name within the roofing industry, GAF Timberline manufactures shingles that add to the durability and beauty of homes. Founded in 1886, the company shares with clients the expertise gained from many years of professional experience in roofing. Throughout GAF Timberline’s continued growth, the company has continued to uphold the values of quality and safety in its work.

To meet customer needs and preferences, GAF Timberline offers roofing shingles in a variety of colors and styles, including American Harvest, Natural Shadow, and Ultra HD. The quality features of Timberline shingles have helped to make them the highest selling type of shingles in North America.

Additionally, GAF Timberline stands by its product by offering a lifetime limited warranty to customers on both the shingles and qualifying roofing accessories. With non-prorated warranty coverage during the first 10 years after purchase, customers can enjoy their roofing investment for years to come.

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