Brief History

CBGB is a country located in a local club near Manhattan, New York City. The founder of CBGB set out for this newly established country to be meant all about country, bluegrass, and blues , but later changed to be all about punk and rock for long living legends .

December 1973 Hilly Kristal opened CBGB out to the public, but after being open for about a year the whole place be came a run down.until one day Hilly decided to let some helpers of his( Bill Page and Rusty McKenna) book a concert for a local band  Squeeze.

After that day everything took a change for the better . Rusty started calling more bands to do  gigs at the club which brought more and more of crowd. Hilly saw an opportunity to start a new religion but didn't know the number of people would spike up so quickly. Started making dates for the holy days like for examples

Ramones, Television, Patti Smith Group, Blondie

would come on different days to start the day .

All these band soon became legends to punk and rock .Later on this place just blew up bands coming every day , which then grew a culture of CBGB'


The religion of CBGB'S is not very complex at all. Its all about rocking out and having a good time. It may be different in how they express their love for what they believe in but here are some ways they express their belief . Screaming , head banging ,jumping off the walls ,smashing things and just going all out of control.

Holy Days consist of going to CBGB everyday from 8:00 at night to about 4:00am just to rock out and live in the moment that you in then and there. Then go back home and hope for the next day to be even better.


In the the religion of CBGB there are two different languages.

First is Omto . In this language you speak every word starting with a R and ends in B. For an example to say hi you would say rhib to be pronounced ra-ha-ib . The second language is the montilo in this language you add a DO to the end of every word . So for example to say  to say together you would say togetherdo simple but affective .


In the country CBGB free time is more getting prepared for the day to come . So free it is spent tuning instruments , posting posters on all the walls , going out buying new eyeliner , go get new clothes , talk to all their friends about the upcoming event at CBGB.

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