Gagandeep Singh

Gagandeep Singh - Living an Active Lifestyle

The benefits of exercise have, quite literally, been thrown at us time and time again. We know that exercise is important but it is quite the struggle to get people to comply. There is however, the select few that understand the benefits, and are determined to reap them for themselves. Gagandeep Singh is one of them.

With his background as a sales representative for Optimum Nutrition, he is knowledgeable about living a healthy lifestyle with regards to food and exercise. He enjoys spending time at the gym and enjoys boxing. He was previously a member of the Golden Gloves Club from 2011 to 2013. In his spare time he teaches children how to box. By doing this he gives back to the community by spending time with the children, gets in exercise and keeps his boxing skills sharp.

It is a fact that exercise is important for improving health, mood, energy, weight control and many other things. All these factors make carrying out daily activities easier and to the best of your ability. This supports Singh’s belief that exercise is an activity which promotes positive health. In addition, positive practices can develop as a result of constant exercise, for example, self-discipline.

In addition to exercise, Gagandeep Singh is an active volunteer in his community, and abroad by way of donations to his family’s homeland, India. He runs a scaffolding business and is the Vice President of a New York contracting company. His success in the world does not come at the expense of his education. He remains a full time student at Hofstra University. He majors in Engineering and Drawing and minors in Sociology.

With the zeal with which Singh attacks life and the projects he has invested his time in, it is easy to believe that his active life will not slow down anytime soon; it may even pick up!

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle - Putting Your Health First

There are many aspects of life that make up leading a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, and staying active are all key aspects of maintaining one's health. Although most would agree that they wish to lead a long and happy life, it often sounds easier than it feels.

Initially, changing habits can be difficult, sometimes even painful. Sugar withdrawal, or cutting back on caffeine, for instance, can both lead to headaches and feeling groggy and irritable. However, pushing through this initial discomfort to create new lifelong habits can make for a happier and longer life in the long run.

While diet and sleep habits can both be difficult to change, it seems that maintaining an active lifestyle is one of the most difficult changes to implement on a daily basis. Fitting in time at the gym can be both costly and difficult to fit into a busy schedule.

Staying active doesn't have to mean paying for a gym membership! Making small changes each day can make a noticeable difference in how a person feels.

Gagandeep Singh is a young professional who is currently working toward earning his degree in Engineering. Singh enjoys spending time at the gym and often helps new members learn the ropes. Helping others achieve their fitness goals is rewarding to him. Making time for the gym though, is not always practical with a heavy course load and long hours as CFO at a contracting company. Singh enjoys thinking outside of the box to get his daily activity. He often goes for runs and makes little health conscious changes, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, daily. One of Singh's favorite physical activities though would be boxing. He believes discovering a physical activity that interests you can help transform your attitude toward a new and better lifestyle.

The New Engineer - Business Savvy and Equipped for the Marketplace

It is the role of the modern engineer to create infrastructure and architecture that interacts with the environment with the smallest impact on nature to create safe and efficient projects. An engineer in today's society must be more business savvy than those of the past and more in tune with environmental issues. Engineers require great leadership, self-discipline, and analytical skills.

Gagandeep Singh is a 21-year-old Hofstra University student studying Engineering with a minor in sociology. He understands the need for a workforce of innovative engineers to help move our society forward along with the constant change in technology. Having a human-centered approach to engineering solutions helps create projects that benefit the community on a personal and realistic level.

With a minor in sociology, Singh believes he is more in touch with the direct needs of the community and will be equipped to help with real life, every day engineering dilemmas. He is also currently the Chief Financial Officer of J&G Contracting Incorporated and has a strong background in business.

The future of Engineers is bright with students such a Singh among their ranks. Business savvy engineers will be ready to begin their careers with a solid understanding of the business world. These Engineers will have bright futures at the intersection where technology and the corporate environment meet.

This mindset is ideal for the Engineer who chooses not to spend the majority of his or her career in the design phase or a lab. These engineers choose to break barriers and ensure they are not isolated in more technical roles related to Engineering.

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