Seiko Premier Chronograph and Kinetic Watches

Seiko has combined classic beauty and technology with modern expression resulting in the Seiko Premier Chronograph Collection of wrist watches. For those of us who love the technological innovation Seiko has incorporated in watches, the Seiko Premier watches are the leading range in dress watches. Bold, graceful and yet eye catching, Seiko Premier Watches are inspired by neo classical architecture.

The Seiko Premier Chronograph Collection consists of the Seiko Premier Kinetic Watch watches, the Seiko Kinetic Perpetual, the Kinetic Chronograph, the Alarm Chronograph, the Seiko Kinetic Drive Moon Phase, the Seiko Perpetual Calendar, the Big Calendar Chronograph and of course, the Seiko Premium watch range for women.

Watches in Seiko Premier Watches collection are finely crafted pieces, usually with scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Featuring the Japanese perpetual quartz movement, Seiko Premier Watches are accurate and reliable; not only that, they are extremely well designed and handsome timepieces. Whether you want to add to your watch collection or gift it to a friend, you can't go wrong with Seiko Premier Chronograph and Kinetic watches.

Take for example the Seiko Sportura Mens Watch that is a classic beauty with modern looks. The white dial of this watch encased in a solid gold toned stainless steel case accentuates the gold toned hands and markers. Since it has the added functionality of a stopwatch, it features 3 dials – alarm, seconds and day. The Seiko Men's Premier Chronograph Perpetual Multi Calendar also offers the usual features like month and date display as well as 100 meter water resistance capability.

Seiko is also the creator of Kinetic watches meaning the watch movement is powered by the motion of the wearer's wrist. Energy generated by the wrist movement is stored in a rechargeable battery. The Seiko kinetic watch therefore continues working as long as you wear it, without requiring a battery change. In addition, there is virtually no damage to the water resistant seal since the case need never be opened. Most of the watches from the Seiko Premier Chronograph Collection feature the kinetic platform, making them long lasting, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Seiko Velatura Watches watches feature other benefits as well. Every Seiko Kinetic is equipped with an energy reserve button that shows you the energy reserve level which is the length of time the watch will function off the wrist. The watch also powers up as soon as you wear it. The Kinetic Auto Relay feature goes even further – if the watch is not worn for 72 hours, the hands stop, thereby conserving the energy, although the watch continues working internally up to 4 years. Anytime during the 4 years, you can wear the watch and it will immediately show you the correct time. That's the beauty of Seiko kinetic watches!