Tips for the Arabian Peninsula

There are many environments in the Arabian Peninsula but I have some tips for you on how to survive and adapt there.

The Desert

The desert is a very hot an dry place with blinding sandstorms and little rainfall. People that travel or live in the desert they usually live a nomadic life and that means they'll travel anytime they need something new. These people also wear loose clothing to prpotect their bodies from the sand, sun, and heat.


Oases are rarely spotted in the desert but they are there. Oases happen when water that is trapped underground seeps through the surface. Oases have fertile land for farming too. People who live near oases create towns, farm, and dig deep wells to preserve water.


The Coastal Plains

Coastal plains are 5-40 miles of land and is very damp with much rainfall. People that live in coastal plain areas preserve rainwater, dig dams and wells to irrigate crops, and have extensive sea trade.

The Mountains

Mountains in the Arabian peninsula are ranged from 1,00 to 12,000 ft in elevation and there is regular rainfall with cool temperatures. People that live in the mountains live in houses made of mud and clay bricks. They also create terraces for farming and farm mostly fruits like melons and pomegranates.

People wear loose clothing in the deserts.
People who lived near oases farmed.

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