The Jungle
By Upton Sinclair

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Why You Should Read This Book

If you like meat this would not be a book for you. But if you are up for learning more about the meat packing industry in the 1930's in Chicago and how it affected working class families I would suggest you read this book. Even though it is fiction it can give you a very real look at some of the things that occurred during that time period in Chicago.

My Evaluation

I think that The Jungle by Upton Sinclair is a very eye opening story to read. It gives the reader a view of what Chicago and especially the meat packing industry were like during the 1930's. It has very vivid descriptions. Upton Sinclair does a very good job of pulling the reader into the story. You feel like you are in the main characters shoes. The book indirectly discusses many issues such as wages of the working class which Sinclair strongly wanted raised plus it also discusses many socialist issues. Sinclair was quoted as saying "I aimed at the public's heart and by accident I hit the stomach."(back flap of book)

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Important Quote

Quote: "It was said that in the hog-killing rooms the speed at which the hogs moved was determined by clockwork."(Ch.11)

This quote is important because it shows how they made the workers in the factories work and how they would speed up the work if the workers became to comfortable with the pace.

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