The Man In the Iron Mask

By Alexandre Dumas


The Man In the Iron Mask follows the classic story of The Three Musketeers so if you haven't read that yet, GO DO IT! Now that you're all caught up, the story starts off in France, specifically,  the Bastille which you can see here:

The story revolves around the brother's struggles as he tries to find out who he really is on his rise to power.


If you doesn't want to read the book yourself you are welcome to go watch the movie.

Here's the review on IMDB:           

Personal Review

Personally, I liked the book. While I will admit his style and wording isn't for everybody, you'll get used to it fairly quickly, assuming you're diligent in your reading and comprehension. The story itself is similar to an action or drama adventure. The plot revolves around the prisoner realizing he is the king's twin brother and what that means. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a challenging, but worthwhile, read.

Here's a quick excerpt from the back of the book:
"A friend's word is the truth itself." - Aramis

While he was being deceptive during this certain part of the story, the message still holds true. The story revolves around the prisoner discovering who he is and it all circles his trust in those around him, hoping that they will guide him along the correct path.

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