Meet Andrea Ruley


* Elementary Education Degree from Western Kentucky University

*Pursuing Masters Degree in Education with a technology concentration


I am currently teaching seventh and eighth grade Language Arts at Saint Mary Academy in Louisville, Kentucky.  This will be my fifth year teaching middle school Language Arts.  I have also taught fourth grade for the Archdiocese of Louisville for two years bring my total teaching experience to six years.

Professional Development

I have taken several technology professional development through the Archdiocese of Louisville's summer workshops. These trainings include iPads in the classroom, 1:1 technology, 21st century learning, and teach like a techie.  I have logged over 75 hours of technology professional development in the last two years.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that every child has the ability to learn. Each child is entitled to a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which they are allowed to learn and grown intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Students should feel safe and are allowed to ask questions and share ideas. It is my goal as an educator for each child to reach their full potential and feel supported while doing so. I want to help my students to develop into well-rounded individuals with skills they can apply to everyday situations and whom can problem solve with their peers. They will become productive members of society with hard work and self-discipline. In educating my students to become productive members of society, I feel it is important to teach them using means that are up to date and geared toward their learning styles.

A Day In My Classroom

A day spent in my classroom involves ALOT of hands on activities and group work.  Students don't sit in desks, they collaborate in tables.  I try to teach with a project based approach and give students the chance to collaborate, create, problem solve, and learn to think for themselves.  We recently did a quick review of The Giver in my seventh grade Language Arts classes.  Students had to create alternative endings to the story and design their own Utopias.  

Favorite Tech Tools










Google Hangout

More About Me

Happy Memorial Day from the Ruleys! #ruleysummer

I have a wonderful husband, Mark and a crazy little boy!!! Oh and we can't leave out our first child, our "dogger" Lily.  She is a bigger baby than our two year old!!!

Garden produce. #ruleysummer #greenthumb #ilovesummer

WHEN I have spare time, I like to spend it with my family.  I also garden and love to cook.  

Beach #ruleysummer

I also love to take pictures…I have a big fancy camera, but find myself taking most of the photos with my phone because it is always with me and easily accessible.

The Danger of Silence

I leave you with this Ted Talk.  I came upon it recently and it just spoke to me as a Language Arts teacher and as a teacher at a Catholic school.  I have shown this video to all of my classes at the beginning of this school year and hope that you also enjoy the message. It has a wonderful message and is enchanting. This is what I am modeling my teaching after this school year.  Enjoy. :)

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