Take these questions and add up your points to see what kind of gamer you are!

Question 1- What is your favorite genre of game?

1PT- Platformers ex- Mario

0PT- Party Games ex- Just Dance

2PT-Simulations ex- The Sims

2PT- Action-Adventure ex- Zelda

3PT- Beat-em-ups Ex- Street Fighter

4PT- Hack-and-slash ex- God Of War

6PT- Play-As-A-Villan ex- Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed

8PT- First Person Shooter ex- Call of duty

Q2- Which of these Franchises Is Your Favorite?

2PT Mario

1PT Kirby

1PT Just Dance

4PT The Sims

4PT Legend Of Zelda

5PT Super Smash Bros.

6PT Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter

7PT God Of War

9PT Assassin's Creed

11PT Grand Theft Auto

15PT Any Shooter Game

Q3- Which Line of Consoles is your Favorite?


4PT- Wii

8PT- Xbox

12PT- Playstation

5PT-Other/PC Games

The Results:

3-10 points- Very Casual. You barely play any games and the games you do play are very light-hearted.

11-16 Casual. You like to play quite a few games and play some more intense games.

17-25 Moderate. You like to play a lot of games and a mix of different kinds.

26-34 Extreme. You play a whole lot of games, mostly intense games.