Gaming the System

What went wrong with our Veteran's health care system? It comes down to two main culprits - first, the system was asked to do too much, and second, incentives put in place to make the system perform better backfired.

Whenever ANY system is put in place, it needs to have been analyzed from two opposite points of view: First, what are the advantages of the system to those who "follow the rules", and second, what are the advantages to those who "game against the rules".

Looking at the VA issues, it would appear that this was not done; because of the way the system was implemented, it became advantageous to the employees to game against the system with respect to scheduling appointments, because there wasn't sufficient capacity in the system to follow the stated rules.

Are you considering reorganizing the way you're doing things?

Considering modifying your work-flow or installing a new system and a new set of procedures?

Perhaps I can help you analyze them beforehand, to attempt to ameliorate the kinds of problems that can arise when there is an advantage to gaming against the system?

Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD, FBCS - Consultant

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