One Principle of Design to Rule Them All

When Gondor rose the alarm, each beacon was lit at a certain point of the various mountains.
The Elven forged sword, Sting, is characterized by its elegant lines.
The intense colors of the Eye of Sauron induce fear in those who behold it.
The pale complexion of the Orc, Azog, was slight in value.
The shape of Gandalf and Radagast's staffs make them seem like they're just for walking, but these staffs hold much more magic and power.
Gandalf achieves perfect form with every smoke ring and boat he blows.
Inside the Lonely Mountain, there is expansive space filled with Thorin's gold.
The lonely mountain has such a rocky texture any dwarf could spot it all the way from Laketown.
The clothing of the Riders of Rohan demonstrate balance by each man having similar armor.
Arwen's commitment to Aragorn is emphasized when she gives him her Evenstar, which results in her becoming mortal.
Legolas is tall and thin, in contrast to his dwarf friend Gimli, who is short and stocky.
Thranduil's Elven army stand tall in a repetitive rhythm to maximize their awesomeness.
Dwarfs and hobbits in proportion to humans or elves are shorter, with the creature Gollum standing nearest to the ground.
The town of Dale has the same architectural style, which helps it achieve the overall sense of unity.
The rings simplicity adds to the economy of its darkness,bringing the curse to whoever may have the unfortunate fate of possessing the ring.
By bearing the white hand on their heads, the Uruks created a pictograph of Saruman.
The heart of the mountain, the Arkenstone, demonstrates radial symmetry in its oval shape.
Merry and Pippin demonstrate gestalt when they note the immensity of the forest before noting the actual trees.
Kili giving Tauriel the Runestonesymbolizes his promise to return to her.
Elves come from a variety of realms, such as the Woodland Realm, Rivendell, and Lindon.

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