Georgia's Piedmont Region

By Ashley Dombrowski

The Piedmont region is the most populated region of Georgia. It has a few physical features, and participates in many economic activities. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, and is located in the Piedmont region. It is the home to many tourist attractions, including the Georgia Aquarium, the Varsity, and the World of Coke.  

The Georgia Aquarium

The Varsity

The World of Coke

Other than Atlanta, the Piedmont region has many other important cities, such as Athens, Augusta, and Macon. Also,  other tourist attractions within the Piedmont include The Martha Berry house, The Little White House, and Callaway Gardens.

The Piedmont region's geography includes rolling hills and trees, but it also the home to a few physical features- the Chattahoochee River, Savannah River, Flint River, and Warm Springs. The Piedmont's climate is temperate, and receives little to no snow yearly.  Its average temperatures can be anywhere from high sixties to high nineties.

The Chattahoochee River

The Piedmont region participates in many economic activities. For example, manufacturing is important in the big cities, and the production of peaches and poultry is common as well. In addition, mining and the medical/healthcare aspect is very important to this region, as it is the home to the Cancer Treatment Center and many hospitals.

Peaches- a primary agricultural product of the Piedmont region. In addition to peaches, cotton peanuts and poultry are important agricultural products.

Additional Information

-The Piedmont is home to almost half of Georgia's population.

-Elberton, a town in this region, is known as the "Granite Capital of the World".

-Major athletics in the Piedmont include football, baseball and golf.

-Farming and livestock are seen on the outskirts of cities. Commonly, farms will have plants, as well as horses, chickens, and/or cows.

-Atlanta is home to one of the largest airports, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

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