Interesting Insects

By Cody, Ja'Quorius , Abel

Insects have six legs. Most insects have wings. Insect have three body parts and the three body parts are the head, thorax ,and the abdomen. The thorax is the middle part and the abdomen is the behind part behind the thorax. Insects are cold blooded. Insects mostly hatch from eggs. Insects have 2 antennas.  They have exoskeletons. The exoskeleton is the hard covering on the insect.

The 8 list of insects


There are many, many insects in the world like a dragonfly,ladybug,kissing bug, beetle, grasshopper, yellow jacket, ant,wasp.

Wasp depends on plants for food. If the flowers were dead the wasp would be dead to and their wouldn't be necker. Necker is their food just like bees. Wasp survive by drinking necker or eating necker.  It is important that wasps live near woods.  They chew the wood to make paper that they use to make their nests.  

Life Cycle of a Wasp

First the wasp starts as a egg. Then it turns into a lava. A lava is a medium pupa.  A pupa is when a insect is transforming.  It looks like a maggot.  Then it turns into a regular pupa. Finally it's a adult wasp.