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About Garden of Flavor

Garden of Flavor, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a line of raw, organic juices created using cold-pressing techniques. Cold-pressed juices use the minimal amount of pressure for extracting juice in order to retain the potency of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and other beneficial elements. Garden of Flavor further distinguishes itself from its competitors by using quality ingredients like turmeric root, a known anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agent, and beets which have been attributed to improved blood flow and heightened cardiovascular performance. Garden of Flavor’s Twisted Roots features the equivalent of two pounds of beets in just one serving. In addition to these natural ingredients, several of the company’s cold-pressed juices feature living probiotics designed to support digestive health and strengthen immune system functions.

Garden of Flavor juices not only provide a myriad of health and wellness benefits, but lack many of the less desirable characteristics associated with other juices on the market. Mean Green, Cucumber Fresh, and Green Harmony, for example, contain less than half the sugar found in comparable cold-pressed juices and have been selected by the Cleveland Clinic for inclusion in the Go! Healthy program.