Gardens by the Bay

Step 1: Explore the online media resources

1. Get an overview of the Gardens by the Bay and the Solar Trees by visiting the official website:

2. Now watch a video where Andrew Grant, the Project Director, walks around the garden and reflects on the ideas and inspirations behind the the design of the spectacular Supertrees, Cooled Conservatories and Themed Gardens. Write down his main ideas:

3. Watch the next video where he goes into more detail about the process of designing and creating such a mammoth project.

4. Visit the architect's website to get more information on the design details. Click the Press Kit button to get more numbers:

5. The Singapore Infopedia website also has some interesting numbers to include in your presentation:

6. Do a google image and/or video search to see what the finished gardens look like, or watch this video:


Step 2: Make a presentation on the Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is widely recognized as a clean and green city. It is known for its innovative projects to continue the greening of the city. Make a Tackk to present what you have learned about Gardens by the Bay today. Here are some WH questions to guide your presentation:

  • What are the Gardens by the Bay all about? What was the inspiration behind the project?
  • What are the super trees? How do they work?
  • Why do people come from all over the world to visit this site? How many visitors do they expect per year?
  • How will the super trees affect Singapore and its people?
  • How will the super trees look like 5 years from now?
  • Give us some numbers to show the scope of the project.