Gary Shoats Is An Image Consultant With Unique Skills

Gary Shoats is a creative and highly acknowledged image consultant with unique personality. He has been a model choreographer, stylist and ramp walk specialist in a fashion industry for more than 15 years. Initially qualifying as an image consultant and combining with his creative flair and energy, Gary now has a successful styling and image business. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, he provides the individual services as well as packages for the women, men and individuals like wardrobe organization, personal shopping, style and color profile, workshops, group presentations and season update sessions. His main part of job is to work with individuals on enhancing their appearance, well-behavior, and better communication.

Whether you are an executive, politician, television personality, or a model, job seeker, stay-at-home moms, busy professionals or a beauty pageant contestant, Gary Shoats can help you with all you need. Anyone looking for confidence boost or want to enhance their personality can also go for his assistance as, he knows the talent that how to use your voice and body language in formal talks, presentations and other business situations. He knows business etiquettes and has the ability to understand brand and corporate cultures. He also offers help with wardrobe, makeup, communications, body language and more.

Working as an image consultant from the last 8 years, Gary Shoats has experience of meeting and serving various types of clients from almost every background. He even takes clients to shopping and gives them advice on the rights clothes particular occasions, both formal and casual. He analyzes body size and shape to decide on the most suitable patterns and textures of fabric and style of clothes in which they look best. Going into the details, he also considers client's skin tone, hair and eye color to decide which colors are best. He has a keen interest in helping people to change their lives. He has a good imagination and also a good eye for color and shape.

In addition to this, he is also a wonderful public speaker presenting workshops for both personal and professional groups providing training to fashion, make up and styling students within the fashion industry. As an experienced image consultant, he has a huge clientele base of professional clients, celebrities, business tycoons and high profile personalities who has learned how to present themselves with proper social and business etiquette. Whether you need an outfit for a special occasion or a complete makeover, Gary Shoats will provide you with endless unique options and many solutions.