Gary Kapanowski: Hobbies & Passions

Gary Kapanowski's may be a professional accountant during the day, but during is free time he exercises his dare-devil personality. He is an avid fan of racing and trains in his personal sports car at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan. The MIS holds primarily NASCAR events throughout the year. Gary Kapanowski hopes to race his own sports car sometime in 2015.

Another important endeavor to Gary Kapanowski is offering his free time to help those who have a problem reading and writing. Adult illiteracy is a serious problem both within Macomb County, and throughout the country. Even with all of the programs out there aimed at helping to change the illiteracy climate here in the U.S., more than fourteen percent of all adults are unable to read. The numbers go up and down from year to year, but no real headway has been made throughout the years. The harsh reality is that more than thirty-two million adults in American are unable to read the basic instructions on a package or read a page from the newspaper.

According to community officials the problem is actually getting worse, not better. There are many people that are technically considered illiterate, which means that they can function in everyday life, but have very basic reading skills. Some experts say that this type of lack of basic skills is costing American businesses almost sixty billion dollars a year in productivity, and is causing major safety issues.

What makes the literacy problem here in the U.S. worse is that it's impossible for parents who are unable to read, to teach their children to read. With the assistance from tutors such as Gary Kapanowski, Community programs like the one in Macomb County play an important part in battling the illiteracy problem. The program has a high ratio of student participation and the majority have successfully completed their work safety test.

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