Gary Kapanowski : Literacy Opens Culture

Gary Kapanowski was the first in his family to attend and graduate from a private high school. Gary Kapanowski was also the first to graduate from the University of Michigan. Once Gary Kapanowski earned his degree, he went on to become a respected figure in Detroit, Michigan’s competitive accounting world. Gary Kapanowski understands the importance of reading and education, and volunteers his time at Macomb Literacy Partners. Today, he shares some of the benefits of literacy.

Literacy Opens Culture

With the advent of Kindles and Nooks, books are more accessible than ever. With accessible books comes access to a plethora of information on millions of subjects. According to Gary Kapanowski, illiterate adults often have unexplored interests or struggle to keep up with current cultural references. Once that adult learns to read, he or she can absorb any new information desired and form intelligent opinions on more subjects.

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