Gary Kapanowski : Professional Development Leader

Gary Kapanowski is trained in Lean Six Sigma business management, which aims to reduce waste, increase customer satisfaction, and heighten profits. Gary Kapanowski became a certified Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma in 2012, through Lawrence Technical University. His certification was for basic manufacturing, office, problem solving tools and statistical process control. In 2013, he completed his Black Belt and Master Black Belt certifications.

While effective and efficient business management is what Gary Kapanowski focuses on in his work, he is also an avid 80’s rock music fan. Gary Kapanowski proudly possesses autographs from music talents like Ronnie James Dio, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Joe Satriani, and other musicians he has met over the years. Gary Kapanowski has always been a fan of rock music, and this passion for creative expression has transferred over into his approach to business management. 80’s rock is all about passion, energy, and power, three things central to Gary Kapanowski’s business strategy. He brings an energetic approach to the Lean Six Sigma process to management.

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