Gary Kapanowski : Public Speaking Ability

Gary Kapanowski is proud to have volunteered his time and expertise to the Macomb Literacy Partners organization, which works to eliminate the scourge of adult illiteracy through high-quality, one-on-one tutoring. Macomb Literacy Partners has provided over 4000 people with the opportunity to develop and improve their writing, reading and public speaking ability since 1984.

Gary Kapanowski worked with both the organization and its students for two years, helping to develop lesson plans, evaluating and tracking student progress and working one on one with students to increase literacy rates and improve their math, writing, reading and language skills. Gary Kapanowski committed four hours a week to providing attentive and focused teaching and tutoring to Macomb students, and was instrumental in improving the organization’s turnover rates, increasing overall student participation and improving student’s lives.

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