Gary Kapanowski : Detroit Top Accounting Expert

Gary Kapanowski has long been considered one of Detroit’s top accounting experts. In his fifteen years of experience with Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), Gary Kapanowski gleaned plenty of knowledge on financial responsibility. Gary Kapanowski knows financial wisdom is a huge part of good physical and mental health. Today, Gary Kapanowski shares tips to help you stay financially responsible.

Save More than Spend

This is the rule that seems most obvious, but almost no one keeps, according to Gary Kapanowski. As weight decreases when calories decrease, money increases when it is saved rather than spent. When you receive a paycheck, Gary Kapanowski recommends you figure out how much you can keep after taxes. From that, take care of necessary expenses first. Save everything left over, dipping in only for emergencies. Once a month or so, treat yourself with a big purchase or a day out with friends and family.

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