Gary Salmirs

CEO at Ironwill Foundation

About Gary Salmirs

An accomplished athlete and frequent triathlon competitor, Gary Salmirs has dedicated his life to promoting health and wellness. Currently, Mr. Salmirs serves as the chief executive officer of the Ironwill Foundation, a nonprofit organization he founded in 2008. Originally created by Gary Salmirs to raise money for underfunded disease research, the Ironwill Foundation has evolved into a multidimensional organization which incorporates fundraising, education, and community events.

Recently, Gary Salmirs spearheaded the creation of the Ironwill Wellness Project, an initiative which provides health and wellness education programs to underserved populations. Mr. Salmirs began the program after going through his own physical metamorphosis following the discovery of a blood clot in one of the blood vessels around his liver. More than forty pounds overweight at the time, he changed his diet and began an exercise routine which helped him trim down while improving his overall health.

Recognizing that many individuals don’t fully understand how closely diet and exercise correlate to health and well-being, Mr. Salmirs developed the Ironwill Wellness Project. The six-week health education program includes seminars, grocery shopping tips, and healthy recipes. Since its founding, the Ironwill Wellness Project has helped countless families without access to health education and regular exercise develop wellness strategies.

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