Gary Shoats

Gary Shoats is based in Ohio and enjoys practicing martial arts.

About Gary Shoats

Gary Shoats is based in Ohio and enjoys practicing martial arts early in the morning. He is a perfectionist in everything he does from perfecting his skills to spending quality time with his kids. He is close to his family and makes sure that he does not miss out on any important event that his kids take parts in. He has learned martial arts from his childhood and a black belt in taekwondo. Seeing his enthusiasm, Gary was sent to special training schools to master the concepts completely.

The modern-day martial arts has taken different forms as compared to olden times,says Gary . Back then it was mainly self-defense. Now it is a form of recreation and is a professional sport that teaches self-defense, physical fitness and improved concentration. The teaching and the discipline, and the techniques vary from person to person. He works in a controlled way and shows complete precision and aggression in his moves. He has taken the sport seriously and has always given his best. He works as a professor but during his free time and off days teaches taekwondo to the kids in his neighborhood along with his kids. He has gained the black belt from his master owing to the hard-work and the skill that he shows in every fight and test.

Gary Shoats feels that is necessary for all to know basic self-defense techniques to be able to save themselves and others if the need arise. Unlike other forms of martial arts taekwondo is now popular in schools as it combines the art of self-defense, fighting, exercise and mediation for correct stance. It requires a lot of hard-work and effort to master the techniques and gain the various belts.

Gary feels that it something that one learns with practice that leads to perfection. For him, learning and mastering taekwondo was a dream that he fulfilled with complete zeal and gained the top most rank in it by achieving the black belt in it. Being a father he has taught his kids taekwondo feels if they want to pursue a profession of their choice. He keeps a clear approach towards things. For him, his children can pursue whatever they wish to become in life.